Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Sunday Sermon, November 12 -- The Real Possibility of Hell (Father Ryan Erlenbush, Corpus Christi Parish - Sermons on the Last Things, part 3 of 5)

In the final three weeks of the Liturgical Year, we consider: Hell, Purgatory, Heaven.

Hell is revealed in Sacred Scripture, and is a regular part of the preaching of Jesus Christ. No one tells us more about hell in Scripture, than our Lord. And Jesus indicates that hell is a real possibility - that perhaps most go to hell (through the wide gate) and only a very few are saved (through the narrow gate).

We consider the four sins which St Alphonsus indicates as the main ways that people go to hell after death: Hatred of our neighbor, blasphemy against God, theft, and impurity.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

November 2 -- Adult Formation Series on the Angels, Session 5: The Guardian Angels

Adult Faith Formation Series on the Angels: Session 5, The Guardian Angels

The following question and answer study of the guardian angels is based on the Summa Theologica I, qq.50-64 (angels in themselves) and qq. 106-114 (angels in relation to creatures). ST I, q.113, is particularly enlightening, since it is a question devoted wholly to the guardianship of angels over human beings.

November 2, All Souls Day

How not to become a poor forgotten soul in purgatory.

Holy Day Sermon, November 1 -- All Saints Day

Our Friendship with the saints, and why it is so sad that Fr Martin Luther revolted against the family of the saints.

Sunday Sermon, October 29 -- Death and the Particular Judgment (Sermons on the Last Things, Part 2 of 5)

On Death and the Particular Judgment.

The particular judgment occurs at the very moment of death. There is no time for a second chance or another choice. There will be no opportunity to explain ourselves, but we will listen and God will pronounce judgement. This judgement will be eternal.

And yet, we need not be afraid! The saints looked forward to their day of death, and the Church considers the day we die to be more truly the day of our birth - a birth into true life in heaven!

October 26 -- Adult Ed Session on the Angels: The Archangels

Session 4 of our Adult Ed Series on the Angels: The Archangels

Course Objectives
            1. Recognize the place of the archangels among the angelic choirs
            2. Become familiar with the scriptural passages related to the archangels
            3. Grow in a devotion for the feasts of the archangels

Monday, October 23, 2017

Sunday Sermon, October 22: The Immensity of the Soul, and Heaven (Sermons on the Last Things, Part 1 of 5 -- Father Ryan Erlenbush, Corpus Christi Parish)

In the last month of the Liturgical Year (which concludes at the end of November), the Church has us read this year from St Paul's first Letter to the Thessalonians. This Letter teaches about the Last Things and the end of both our individual lives in death and of all history in the Second Coming.

We take the opportunity to preach five sermons on the Last Things: Heaven and Hell, Death and Judgement. First, we will consider the immensity of the soul and the vocation to Heaven, then death and the personal judgement, hell, purgatory, and heaven.

The human soul is a spiritual universe which is far more vast and beautiful than the natural universe in which we live. The human soul finds happiness only in the infinite goodness of God.